Thursday, November 8, 2012

New 360 Wave Brushing Technique - How to Brush 360 Waves

     Hey my name is Rashaad Rahh and i'm the creator of the YouTube channel called 360waveprocess. You may have heard of it because I've been helping guys to get 360 waves for almost a year now. I know you're here because you want to make your waves look nice. You want them to come in perfect. That is why i'm going to let you in on some rare brushing techniques that I haven't even shared with the guys on my YouTube channel.

Rare 360 Wave Brushing Technique !

     When you learn my technique, and if you use it you will see that your waves will come in looking deeper than normal, meaning people will be able to see them from farther away.
     The technique begins with having a wave brush that has medium hard Bristol's'. This is what you need to know! The wave brush that you use must be fresh, meaning that it still looks new. If your brush is all bent up it will not work as good (your results will not come in with good quality). You should just invest a little and buy your self a new brush. Trust me you'll see that it was worth it to spend a little when you see your waves looking like a perfect glowing ocean. 


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