Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Make Your 360 Waves More Deep & Wide

 I can help you learn how to make your 360 waves wider. To make your 360 waves look wider there are simple things you can do. These things may or may not be as effective as you want, but they will make your waves appear more wide.
   First thing you can do is get a brush with wider spaces than the one you currently use. A brush with wider spaces forces your waves to become longer which makes them look wider.

   The other thing you can do is comb your waves. You can do this in combination with using a brush with wider spaces. So you comb your waves forward just as you would if you were brushing them and once you comb all around, you get your brush and then you brush your waves right back down.
360 Waves
From Mini Waves - To - Thicker Waves
     The comb lifts your waves off of your head a makes them straighten out a little bit, and then when you brush it right back down your brush lays the 360 waves back down and this is training your waves to lay down and to look more wide.
You just keep doing this as much as you like comb, then brush down, comb and then brush down. You will see the difference. Making this apart of your every day routine will cause your waves to look more wide without you having to do more than brush it. F
     This method will stretch your waves out and cause them to get wider.The results are almost immediately visible. Try it out, and  let me know how it worked for you. Good luck & be sure to Subscribe to my Channel for more help.

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