Friday, November 22, 2013

How to cut your own Hair to Get Deeper 360 waves on the Side

Look in this video I explain a lot of things like Tips on how to cut your own hair with Andis Improved Master hair Clippers.
How to Line up your hairline, edge up, with Andis T outliners. If you want to skip the haircut tips & go straight to the waves go 3:50 seconds into the video

What you will Learn about Waves on the Side in this video: 
  1.  How long it take to get waves on the side 
  2. The reason why 1 Side gets better waves than the other. 
  3. How to Fix your Weak Side
  • Andis outliner II (2) Are not as good as the T outliners. The T's get you a crispier hairline as well as a more straight line up. 
How to start cutting your own hair so that you can get deep 360 waves.

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