Saturday, September 29, 2012

How To Get 360 Waves - A Secret No More !

 "What do I need to do to get 360 waves?" That is the most common question guys ask me on the internet. The most common question that I get in person from guys is, "What do you use to get your hair so wavy like that?" I'm going to give you the answers to both of those 360 waves questions right now today, but before I do you should know that you can follow me on twitter at, @360waveprocess. If follow you can ask me questions about how to get 360 waves and i'll reply as soon as I see the question. Back to the matter of me answering those two questions about getting waves.

Photo of a guy With 360 waves in his hair.    Dudes see me with my 360 waves after a fresh hair cut and they can't help but to ask how I got them to look so, "Perfect".  Different dudes ask different questions. They all seem to revolve around the question, what do you put in your hair to get it wavy like that? The answer to that question is not what you'd think. The answer to that question is nothing. There is nothing you can put in you hair that will give you 360 waves. Don't get me wrong there are products that will help you get 360 waves, but that's all they do and nothing more. To be 100% Clear There is nothing you can put in your hair that will give you waves. If you don't know already know, to begin getting 360 waves all you need is a hair Brush. What kind of brush you ask? Well it doesn't have to be anything spectacular however, some brushes work better than others. Diane, Annie, and Crown quality are good brands and offer good wave brushes. 

   Let's compare 360 wave products to steroids. If a football player uses steroids but Never goes to the weight room to lift weights then he won't get much stronger or bigger than he originally was. This is that same with 360 wave products such as a pomade, grease, or olive oil. If you only use pomades or grease in your hair and you don't spend any time brushing your hair, then you will not get any waves. And we all know that if you don't have any waves, then you can't afford not to be making any progress. Let's wrap this up. with The answer to the question, "How do i get 360 waves in my hair". To get 360 waves in your hair all you have to do is get a hair brush and brush your hair every day until you start to see the waves. 

   The information i just gave you above is not that detailed. I know you have a lot more questions about what you need to do to get 360 waves. You don't even have to worry I got you covered. I knew you would have more questions about how to get 360 waves and this is why I have written more information that you can use to learn everything you need to know. You can read the article i wrote called 4 Simple Steps to Getting 360 Waves in Your Hair! by clicking the text.
E-book Cover photo

  If you are the person that need to know all information up front. The type of person that needs to have the information broken down into more than four steps then you might want to consider the, "360 Waves Mastery E-Book ", That will teach you everything you need to know.

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