Sunday, March 25, 2012

4 Simple Steps to Help You Get 360 Waves !

   Hey, welcome to the 360 Wave Process Blog! Have you been trying to get 360 waves in your hair for a long time and just can't get the results you want? The 360 Wave Process is here to help you get waves in your hair. It doesn't matter if you're mixed or not. You can get three-sixty waves in your head with a little hard work and dedication. All you need to get started is a good brush, but if you want to see results faster you should get yourself a wave cap aka du-rag. Just follow these simple to do steps listed below and you'll be on your way to having 360 waves all around your head in no time.

Guy with 360 waves in his hair

Step 1: Get a Brush

     The way it works is you brush your hair continuously throughout the day and eventually your hair will start to, "lay down" and get wavy. The brush is used to train your hair to lay down a certain way. If you want wider, more thicker waves, get a brush with wider spaces. You can learn more tips for getting thicker waves Here! 

Step 2: Get a Wave Cap (Du-Rag)

     The Purpose of the wave cap is to keep your hair laid down. It's like when you leave something heavy in the grass and then when you move it the grass is all laid down. The Du-rag and the brush work together to get you the results you want. The brush puts the waves in the hair and the wave cap forces them to stay there. You where the wave cap when you go to sleep so all your brushing doesn't go to waste.

Step 3: Keep Your Hair Clean

     Wash your hair often. It doesn't have to be every day but make sure you keep it clean. Make sure you brush your hair when you get out the shower. Also, put conditioner in it and leave it for a while and then wash it out and brush more. When you keep your hair clean,  the texture will start to change. You will notice it looks like you have a different kind of hair.

Step 4: Maintain Your Waves

      When you finally get your waves you maintain them by brushing every time you wake up, get out the shower, and before you go to bed. Also you can use a Olive Oil to make your waves look more smooth. It works like grease, but its more effective than grease. You can find some Olive oil at Ralph's, yes the grocery store, in the hair products section. It shouldn't be hard to find in stores, but why go waste time looking for it when you can order it now off the internet. Also if you want more information that will teach you how to get your waves in faster you can visit my new website Be sure to sign up for email updates when you visit over there.
     Getting Waves is the hard part. Maintaining 360 wave is relatively easy when compared to what you have to do to get them. You'll have waves in your hair in no time! If you need more help Visit the 360WaveProcess YouTube Channel: Make sure to Subscribe!

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