Monday, March 31, 2014

How To Get 360 Waves - Day Method for Beginners and Experts

How To Get 360 Waves: Day Method

     Welcome to the 360 wave Process blog. It's been a while since I last posted here because I've been very busy. I have not forgotten about this blog and i do plan to keep writing new post about how to get 360 waves on here for everyone who likes to read about them. I do want you to know that you can always visit my YouTube channel called 360WaveProcess where I create 360 wave videos that teach everything you need to know about getting waves. Feel free to check it out and watch the videos I've made on there and also be sure to subscribe. Lets now get into the day method.

360 Waves
 Getting 360 waves does not have to be difficult however, for many guys it is. It was a long journey for me to achieve the waves i have today. When I was just starting out, I put in hours upon hours of brushing every single day. I was fifteen years old and determined with the goal to get 360 waves in my hair. I wanted them badly and I wasn't going to stop until I had them. I went to the beau sty supply store around the corner from my house, spent three dollars on a medium Annie military brush, and began the process. I had a burning desire to get waves. It was only a disappointment when after a month of constant daily brushing I had barely any waves. There was only a little hint of waves in my hair. The hair laid down and when I looked closely in the mirror I could see shadows of waves in my hair. This only made me more disappointed because I wanted my waves to be deep, slick, and noticeable like the guys who have them spinning in their 360 wave pictures. Despite the disappointment, I was still motivated and willing to put in every bit of work it would take to get to the top level of waving. This is where the day method begins. 
     The 360 wave process day method is very simple. The main idea of the day method is that your brush becomes like your cell phone. It goes with you every where. It goes with you to the store, it goes with your cousins house on the weekend, it goes with you to Disney Land, it goes with you to school, it goes with you to the bathroom, it goes with you to everywhere. The reason why you take your brush with you everywhere is so that any chance you get when your hands are free your can brush your hair. The most important thing when trying to get waves is brushing. Brushing get you waves. No products will get you waves. Products only make the waves you already have look nicer. If you don't have waves then you should be worrying about if you're brushing enough and not about getting a pomade or grease. The day method is brushing your hair every chance you get all trough out the day. When I was beginning, I brushed all through out the day when ever I had a free chance to do so. To put it in to perspective i'm going to estimate that I spent a minimum of two ours brushing my hair a day. On some days I'd brush my hair all around for almost a minute at least every 10 minutes. There are 1440 minutes in a day, divide that by 10 minutes & get 144 minutes. That is a little over 2 and a half hours of brushing. Account for gaps of  time when I'd be eating, or doing something that distracted me from brushing and i'd say its 2 hours at the least. It's amazing because despite all the time i spent brushing my hair It still took me a long time to get my waves spinning 360. That goes to show why some people give up when trying to get waves. They just never get to the point where the figure out how much brushing it takes to make progress.


    Some of you may be thinking, I can't brush my hair all day i'm too busy, I have work, I have school, the people around me will wonder this, I just can't brush all day. To the people who have an excuse such as those, I say to you the day method may not be for you. This is why i'm going to introduce this variation of the day method to you. For people who don't have the time to brush every few minutes I understand. If i was to start over today, I feel I would not have the time to brush that every 10 minutes because my schedule is pact. My advice is to still keep your brush with you, but instead of brushing every 10 minutes just when ever you get a chance to get a brush session in, get it in. The brush session should be at least five minutes of non stop brushing all around. Day brushing is very important to making good progress and this is why i'm stressing that you get it in any way you can.

   If your day method brushing is cut short this is not the end of your 360 wave journey. You can still make up the missed opportunity of daytime brush session by coming in strong with the night time method. The day method leads up to the night method. If you don't have enough time to complete the day method, then you are in luck because you can make up for it in the 360waveprocess night method. I plan on making a Night method video soon. Subscribe to 360waveprocess YouTube channel and search for my night method. Also visit

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