Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Best 360 Wave Products - The Wave Brush You Should Use and More!

     What Products should I use to get the best results for my 360 waves? What is the best pomade to use in order to get the best results for my waves? What product will help me get 360 waves the fastest?  What shampoo should I use to wash my waves? Should I use conditioner in my hair? Is it bad to wash my waves everyday? How to get 360 waves if you have bad coarse hair?
     When it comes to getting waves, many guys seek information that will get them the best results in the fastest time possible. That is why they turn to 360 wave products. There are plenty of wave products out their that say they will help you get your waves fast, but not all of them do. I'm sure that you may know this if you've been in the wave game for long enough. Wave products that you rub into your hair like any grease, a pomade, hair lotion, or olive oil can benefit you in the sense that they will make your waves look better. The thing that you need to know is that they won't give you 360 waves. The products will only make the waves you already have look more shinier and presentable. The only product that will give you waves is a brush. There are many brushes,  but the best wave brushes are made by the brand manes, Diane, Annie, and Crown quality.

The Best 360 Wave Brushes

Two Annie brushes and one Diane brush
Two Annie Brushes & One Diane Brush.
     Today is your lucky day because you're going to learn what the best wave products are. If you're a beginner to this, then this is going to benefit you the most because you will be starting with advanced 360 wave knowledge. The best brushes for 360 waves are made by, Diane, Annie, and Crown quality because they simply give the best result. You may not know these brushes or brands, so I will provide pictures. Diane wave brushes have been around since the beginning and they have been giving guys result since. There are different type of Diane brushes that meet the needs for different types of hair textures. This goes for the Diane and Annie brushes as well. This is bringing us to the famous question of, "What brush should I use for my type of hair to get 360 waves?"

Coarse, aka Nappy Hair

     Since there are so many types of hair brushes out there it can get confusing on which to use. There is a little trick to it that you can use to decide what brush you should be using on your waves. The rule of thumb is if you have some what coarse, ruff, untrained hair, then you should be using a brush with hard Bristol's. When your hair is trained and you have your waves in then you may transition to a softer brush. If you have ruff, untrained hair and you start off with a brush that is very soft, then you won't get the results you want in a timely matter. 

Straight/ Mixed Hair

(NEW!) 360WaveProcess Wave Brush  The best brush to use if you have straighter hair texture is a soft or medium brush. You may use a hard brush as discussed in the paragraph above however, the medium or soft brush is what works best. If you have this type of hair, then you should be happy because you can get waves faster, but only if you brush enough and take care of it. 
    If you still need more help and information about getting 360 waves there is another product that you should know about. This product is only for guys who don't know much about getting waves. If you really want to learn how to get 360 waves and you are the type of person who needs all of their information up front where you can get to it any time you need it then you shoud check out the I definitely recommend this to guys who have been struggling with the process of getting waves. It is simply for the guy who really want waves and need more help and information.  
     You are now equipped with the knowledge of what the best 360 wave brushes look like and their names, as well as the book you can check out if you've been struggling to get waves. This has been a 360WaveProcess blog presentation for the wave community. 

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