Monday, September 16, 2013

How Long Does It Take to Get 360 Waves: The Answer is...

How long does it take to get 360 waves ? 

guy with deep 360 waves
   "360waveProcess." On my channel I upload videos that will help you in your journey of getting 360 waves. It is important that you subscribe to the Youtube channel not only because the videos will help you, but so that you can stay motivated durring the time that you are trying to get waves. Getting waves is a process and it does take some time however, if you have the right support group you will find the process fun  and exiting.
 We all know that 360waveProcess is leading in the quest of helping guys get 360 waves. We all know that Rashaad is on twitter, Facebook, and YouTube helping people to get waves in their hair. You most likely want answers to your questions about getting waves because you desire the sleek hairstyle. Women love them, men want them, a few get them, and a lot of guys try and fail. I know the feeling, the burning desire of wanting waves because there are not many hairstyle choices for black, African American men/ boys. This is why most guys discover this hairstyle and decide that they really want it. I am here to help you this is why i ask you to take your time to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

So how long does it take ?

     Alright guys lets get into the details. Beginning with the basics, we all know by now all of the steps to getting waves because we have all seen the, How to get 360 waves for beginners 2013 method video that is on the 360waveProcess channel. In that video I discuss all the basic things you need to know about how to get them, but what I failed to discuss is how long it would take exactly. Well the answer to the famous, unknown, secretive question of how long does it take to get 360 waves is... The answer to the question is, it depends...

What does it depend on ?

     What does it depend on you ask. Well there are factors that determine how quickly you will get waves. These factors, or variables all determine if you can get 360 waves fast. We all want waves as fast as possible  and this is why i'm going to let you know these main four factors that determine how quickly you will get waves.

Factor # 1

     The first factor is you! Everyone has different genetics and different hair textures. As a result of these different hair textures some people can get waves more quickly than others. Usually mixed guys with hair that is less coarse/nappy are the ones who seem to get waves with less effort and less time. I believe they're able to get it faster because their hair is curls up but it is not as curly as the guys with coarse hair so when they brush it, it get trained to lay down more easier and faster therefor giving them waves in less time than some with hair that is more on the curly/coarse/nappy side. 

Factor # 2

    The second factor is how much you brush your hair. Like I said earlier we all know that to get three-sixty waves a guy/girl needs to brush their hair a lot just as i explained in my 2013 beginners video. It is simple. If you do not brush your hair enough, then you Will Not get 360 waves. It doesn't matter if you bought some 360 wave products that say they help you get waves. If you don't brush, then you won't get waves. It is that simple. To make things clear, the second factor is how much you brush your hair.

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Factors # 3 & #4

    Factors 3 and 4 are also important. If you would like to know these two factor please view my video below. I'd just like to remind you guys that some guys just don't brush their hair enough and then wonder why they are not getting results. In order to get waves you need to follow rule number one & that is to brush your hair a lot, and when i say a lot i mean every single day. That is what it takes guys! You have to take action Now and get yourself the Waves of your dreams also for those of you who are the type of guy who needs all of his information up front where you can get to it when ever you need it


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