Sunday, July 15, 2012

3 simple Tips To Getting 360 Waves Fast! - No More Secrets

     Hey, My name is Rashaad Rahh and I help guys learn to get a hair style called 360 waves. Many guys message me on my Youtube Channel ( 360waveprocess ) and on twitter as well @360waveprocess.
 I want everyone to know that getting 360 waves is not that hard! Don't get me wrong it's not easy either, but with the right knowledge any guy can get the silky wave hair style. Weather you know how to get waves or not, I will help you. To the guys who have no clue how to get 360 waves, and to the guys who know how but can't get them to come in fully. I will Help you.
The first thing you need to know is that you need a wave brush. Your brush is going to be the most important thing in your life when you are trying to get three sixty waves in your hair. You need to know that when your brush gets worn out it becomes less effective. It does not work the same. Do not carry your brush in your pocket because you wear it out faster that way. When you notice your brush is not fresh anymore you should
replace it. Make sure you get the same type of brush though. You know your brush is worn out when its not hard any more, or you can no longer see the spaces between the bristles. I came across this E Book called 360 Wave Mastery. And it actually breaks the process down in simple easy to understand steps. It will help you if you get 360 waves because it has the all of the steps that you need to know to get waves all organized into chapter in an online E-book. It brakes it down the steps by A-Z. More about that later though, lets continue to the next tip.

The Second most important thing that will help you get 360 waves is your Wave cap, also called Du-rag. You need to get one of those asap. You can pick one up at the beauty supply store for like $2 or $3 dollars. You need to sleep with the Du-rag on your head Every Day ! I cannot stress enough that you need to do it every day. especially when you have a fresh cut. You dont need to wear the wave cap outside your house. It doesn't matter if you buy a silk wave cap or a cloth one. I prefer the Cloth one better because i feel it holds my hair down better.

  The third tip that is important in helping you get 360 waves is hair care. Taking care of your hair may or may not be a deciding factor on if your waves come in or not. I can tell you That it makes a big difference in how your waves come out. Say you start getting your waves, but you get skinny thin waves. A lot of people get disappointed because they want thicker waves. Well if you don't have that type of hair (the mixed people hair) then you'll have just keep your skinny waves. There is one thing you can do to make your waves thicker if you don't have "Good Hair".

     You have to make your hair Good by keeping your hair clean. How do you do that you ask? You keep your hair clean by washing it with shampoo every time you get in the shower. Washing it alone will not make your hair good though. You need to also condition it. If you don't have shampoo and conditioner. I suggest you go to the store tomorrow and get some.

This is a lot of information. Feel free to bookmark this page so you can return to is fast and easily. I have a video series on YouTube showing guys like you how to get 360 waves fast and easy 2013 method. The 360waveProcess way. Feel free to subscribe to my you tube channel. I'll have one 360 wave video above for beginners.

    Some guys just don't brush their hair enough and then wonder why they are not getting results. In order to get waves you need to follow rule number one! That is, "Brush A Lot." When i say a lot i mean hours at a time every single day! if you are not brushing every single day then you will find it very hard to get results. Below are some brushes you can pick up that are good for 360 waves.
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     If you're starting out, you need to keep this rule in mind, "Wave Brush Goes with you EVERY WHERE." You may be thinking, "Every Where?," Yes Every where you go take it and brush your hair. Them dudes with the spinners all around, i'm betting they have their brush within hands reach.

      If you would like to know more you can visit the 360 wave process YouTube channel. It has New 360 wave videos that show you how to get three sixty waves in your hair in with easy methods. Here is one Video you can watch.

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