Monday, July 23, 2012

How to get Perfect 360 Waves in your Hair !

     What's up everyone. This is the 360 wave process here again to give you tips on how to get your waves in. I personally know how it is to sit there as a new beginner and look at other muther suckers with awesome 360 waves in their head while I have only baby waves. I am here to help you get on top of your wave game.
     If you're starting out you need to keep this rule in mind, "Wave Brush Goes with you EVERY WHERE." You may be thinking, "Every Where?," Yes Every where you go take it and brush your hair. Them dudes with the spinners all around, i'm betting they have their brush within hands reach. Some guys have an inside scoop. You can get secret tips that will make you the envy of every one Click Here! to go to the website.
      If you would like to know more you can visit the 360 wave process YouTube channel. It has New 360 wave videos that show you how to get three sixty waves in your hair in 2012 methods. Here is one Video you can watch.

      After you watch the video you might want to check out the 360 Waves Mastery Ebook! It breaks the process down into easy to follow steps. I read it and it actually taught me that you can get thicker waves by brushing with a soft brush when your hair is cut low, and brushing with a harder brush when your hair is wolfing.   But yes I would recommend that you check out the 360 waves Mastery Ebook. If you want to check out the book Click Here!

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