Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Some Guys Can't Get 360 Waves !

Hey, This is the 360waveprocess Blog! Today you will find out why some guys just can't ever seem to get 360 waves no matter how hard they try. There are many factors that can prevent a person from getting waves. I will discuss only a few. If you can't seem to get waves, and you think you tried every thing, then you should read the following list to see if any of these things listed below apply to you. The following things can prevent a person from getting waves no matter how hard they try.

You too can get Waves Like This!
1. One reason why some guys can't get waves is because they think just using a pomade will magically  make waves appear in their hair. A pomade does not make waves grow in your hair. Brushing your hair is the only way to get 360 waves to come in, and stay in! Some people naturally have waves, But they need to brush and use a product to make them come in more defined.

2. Some guys have the Barber that knows Nothing about Waves!
    If your barber cuts your hair the wrong way, then you will find it very difficult to get waves. Everyone knows when beginning to get waves you brush the top forward, the sides diagonal, and the back down. If your barber cuts your hair the opposite way you brush, then you will NOT get waves any time soon! Your barber needs to cut your hair in the same direction that you brush your hair. That means he must cut it with the grain (WTG). Also make sure you don't get your hair cut super low. Generally you don't want to get cut lower than a #1 WTG if you're a beginner. When your wave pattern comes in nice you may cut it against the grain if you like it that way, but as a beginner ATG is not good.

3. No du rag or Wave Cap
    OKAY! Yes You can get waves without a du-rag or wave cap, but I recommend that you get one and wear it every time you go to sleep. This will help you get waves twice as fast when compared to a person who does not use a du-rag. The du-rag protects all the brushing done throughout the day and lays your hair down, that is why you wear it.

4. No Consistency
    Some guys just don't brush their hair enough and  then wonder why they aren't getting results. In  order to get waves you need to follow rule number  one! That is, "Brush A Lot". When I say a lot, I  mean hours at a time every single day! If you are  not brushing every single day, then you will find it  very hard to get the results you want.
 I came across a guide that has all of the necessary  information that a guy needs to get 360 waves. I  don't want to call it a Secret, but it would seem to  be one because not many guys take advantage of a  product like this one, and hat is the reason you  only see a few guys with perfect 360 waves. You    can get your waves just as perfect if not more        perfect than any guy as long as you have the right materials and information. Nevertheless, here is a link to a, full guide to mastering 360 waves. It's only for guys who need their information up front so they can get to it when ever they need it. If you have been working on your waves, and are not satisfied with them, I know this will definitely help you get them to where you want them. If you are a beginner and have no waves yet, this will give you the information you need to get your waves spinning as good as the best wavers in the game, if not better.

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