Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Get Your 360 Waves to Connect - The Sides and Back !

   Many guys find that they get waves on the top of thier head and in the back of their head before they get waves on the sides. Some find that they get them on the sides but the waves just dont connect to the ones on the top of their head. Getting the waves on the side of your head to connect with the onces on the top takes only a few weeks. By now I trust that you know how much brushing it takes to get waves in your hair, so i won't go over how much you need to brush, nor how often you need to brush.
   Here is what you need to do to get the waves in your hair to connect, so you can truely have 360 waves. You are going to need a Fresh, New brush. Buy a new brush and this will work faster. You get the new brush in your hand, then you turn the brush so the lines in the brush save the same way you want your waves to go. For example, when you brush the top of your head the lines in the brush are paralell with the way your waves are. Turn the brush diagonal when you brush the spots that are bewteen the side of your head and the top. To learn a lot more about 360 waves visit

   Most important of all is that You need to get a hair cut, then brush the spots in your hair that don't have waves. You get your hair cut then concetrate on the missing spots when you brush. You do this every time you brush. You should get your hair cut every four weeks and continue the method of concetrating on the spots that don't have waves. It works better when you get your hair cut and then brush every day while your hair grows back to normal length. If you need help learning how to get waves you can check out my YouTube channel at . Be sure to Subscribe I Make videos all the time. You can ask questions on Twitter just Follow @360waveprocess .

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hey I'm White, Asian, Latino, Not Black , Can I Get 360 Waves?

   Now this site and others are clogged & congested wit threads asking if such & such ethnicity can get waves, too many of them not even posting pics, or posting unclear pics and whatnot. Regardless these threads are, frankly, useless and do nothing but take up space for us all and bandwidth for the forum owner. So without further ado let this be the complete comprehensive guide to all "Can I get waves?" related questions and threads.

Getting waves has absolutely nothin to do with race, ethnicity, nationality, none of that. What is has to do with is hair texture. Repeat that to yaself a few times.

   If your hair has any texture, wave or curl to it naturally before you ever started trynna wave, then the answer is yes, you can eventually achieve waves. The tighter the your curls, the smaller and more numerous your waves. If your hair is for all purposes straight, and even at lengths of 2 or 3 inches long or more is still straight and has no real wave or curl to it, then you will not get waves, period. The reason for this is because, as errybody knows, waves are curls that have been laid-down and flattened by using a du-rag, and that are aligned in rows with each other thru heavy brushing. No curls to lay down with your du-rag = no waves, no matter how long you brush and no matter how long you wolf. It's simply common sense.

   Theres white boys who have achieved waves, theres hella Latinos who have achieved waves, and I've even seen an Asian with waves true story. But do not get this twisted & start thinking that every White, Latino, or Asian can get waves, because not every White, Latino or Asian has the same hair texture. There is a real real easy way to tell if u ever gonna wave -- you dont have to grow it out long or wolf for months on end to find out if you can do it. Here's how:

Simply get a #3 or #4 cut ATG (against the grain) and take a close look at how your hair behaves. If, with no duragging/training your hair whatsoever, your hair sticks straight the fuck up like a porcupine, this means your hair is for all purposes stick-straight, and you just wasting your time tying to get waves. BUT, if after getting that cut, your hair tends to lay down on its own, that means your hair has some sort of curl/wave texture to it. This is how curly/wavy hair simply behaves when short, and it means you'll get waves.

(Not For Mobile Phone)

\ If u white and your hair looks like this:                    if you're white and it looks like this:
Picture of a white guy that would not be able to get waves in his hair
Picture of a white guy that would be able to get waves in his hair

You wont wave.                                                           Then you good. You'll wave.

If u asian your hair looks like this:                          If you're asian and your hair looks like this:

Picture of a Asian guy that would not be able to get waves in his hairPicture of a Asian guy that would be able to get waves in his hair

You'll never get waves.                                          You'll be spinnin in no time.

If u Latino & your hair looks like this:                      If you're Latino & it looks like this:
Picture of a Latino guy that would be able to get waves in his hairPicture of a Mexican guy that will not be able to get 360 waves

You will never dip.                                                      Then you will definitely get waves.

Now, all hair will get that laid down look with enough du-ragging, even the straightest of straight hairs, but if your hair starts to stick up straight as hell when you try to h20 meth/shower brush, you simply will never be dippin at all. If you can h20/shower brush and your hair lays down even more or stays the same laid down, then its just a matter of time and brushing before you dippin tuff

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