Friday, December 14, 2012

How to get 360 waves Interview - Top Tips For Wave Beginners!

What's up Wavers! 360 wave process has been honored by having the opportunity to be featured on The following is information from an interview that will be listed on their 360 waves blog. Besure to go check out their site after you read the info.

360 Waves Interview Questions + Tips for Beginners!.

1.) You mentioned in your submission that you've had waves since 9th grade and that a barber cut your waves off in 11th grade? Was that by accident? Did it take you a long time to get your waves back the way you wanted them to be? 

guy with 360 waves in his hair
360 wave process waves!
1.A)  360WaveProcess Answer: When my waves got cut off in the 11th grade, the barber was just not experienced at cutting 360 waves so i didn't hold it personal. of course I never went to that shop again. I was angry at first but I looked at it as a challenge and so I started working on my waves again with the motive to get them better. At first I didn't quite have 360 waves because my connections on the back and left side were not in. Anyways, I had a clean plate on my head with no waves at all after the barber chopped them off. Since I already knew what to do my waves came in looking better than before. They also came in fast too. I'd say it took me about 2 months for the top to come in fully, and then another 1 month for the back to come in fully and lastly the sides came in 2 months after the back waves came in. 

2.) You're in college now so do you think it has it gotten easier or harder to maintain your waves? How do you balance school and work life? And how does your hair routine fit into that picture?

2.A) 360WaveProcess Answer: Since for me maintaining my 360 waves is a walk in the park. I brush them in place EVERY morning before I leave out the house. I've been doing that procedure since the beginning of my wave career. Guys may think they need a lot of time to maintain their 360 waves, but the truth is once you get the waves in your hair the hard part is over. 

3.) What does your morning wave routine look like? What products do you use? Which are your favorite and why? Would you recommend any products for new wavers? 

3.A) 360WaveProcess Answer:  My wave moring wave routine, on most days, is just wake up brush after my shower (shampoo & condition in shower) put my organic olive oil brush some more then that's it for the day. Come home put du-rag on every time before i go to sleep and that's it. I use  organic oilive oil "edge control". because it holds my waves into a nice shine all day. Some products like grease are off the shine and then the waves look like s**t after a few hours. The edge control olive oil doesn't ware of that is why I would recommend it to new wavers. 

4.) What are some common mistakes beginner wavers make? And can you explain the wolfing process for those who are just starting out? 

4.A) 360WaveProcess Answer: Common mistakes that new wavers make is getting haircuts too often. They get so exited and they wanna look fresh every week. When first beginning new 360 wavers should hold off and get their hair cut about every 3-4 weeks. They need to wolf. Wolfing is growing your hair out past the normal length that you usually cut it. and during the whole time that you're growing it you brush your hair constantly when ever you have time. That is what wolfing is and that is how you should do it.

Some guys just don't brush their hair enough and then wonder why they are not getting results. In order to get waves you need to follow rule number one! That is, "Brush A Lot." When i say a lot i mean hours at a time every single day! if you are not brushing every single day then you will find it very hard to get results. I came across a guide that has all of the necessary information that a guy needs to get 360 waves. I don't want to call it a Secret, but it would seem to be one because not many guys take advantage of product like this one, and that is the reason you only see a few guys with perfect 360 waves. You can get your waves just as perfect if not more perfect than any guy as long as you have the right materials and information. Nevertheless Here is a link to a, full guide to mastering 360 waves. It's only for guys who need their information up front so they can get to it when ever they need it. If you have been working on your waves and are not satisfied with them, I know this will definitely help you get them to where you want them.
5.) How did you come across our site? What do you think about it? Would you recommend this blog to your friends? Do you find it interesting? informative? helpful? 

5.A) 360WaveProcess Answer:  came across your blog by way of Twitter. You guys followed me, I followed back, then i check out the blog. This was when it was brand new and there wasn't as much content as you guys have now. The blog is nice and informative and i would recommend it to people who have waves. 

6.) What are you majoring in? And where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What could you see yourself doing?  

 6.A) 360WaveProcess Answer:  I'm majoring in Business Administration and in 5 years i see my self with my own internet business.

7.) Last but not least, would is the best advice you can give to a beginner waver? Any words of wisdom? 

 7.A) 360WaveProcess Answer: The best advice for any beginning wavers is, "Be confident in your ability to get your own 360 waves!" If I can do it, so can you.

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