Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to get 360 Waves in 2013 - New Information For Faster Results!

It is about time for you to get the information you need so that you can get the 360 waves of your dreams. Knowledge is power and with the things you are about to learn from this page you'll have the power to get your hair spinning like some shiny new 22 inch rims. Before I go into this with extreme detail, I would like to ask you to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel. Please take the time to go to and subscribe to my channel called 360waveprocess. . Thanks to all!

 How to get 360 Waves For Beginners:. (Quick Break Down!)

Step One: Obtain a good wave bush. It will be the most important tool that you use.
     What Brush should I use to get 360 waves? Here are the 3 best Producers Annie, Diane, & Crown quality Products. The brushes sold by those three Brands are arguably the best on the market.

Step Two: Get your self a decent Du-rag. This is arguably the second most important tool that will help you get 360 waves. Although you do Not need this to get waves, it will make the '360WaveProcess' go along faster.
   What is a Du Rag and How do I use it & what is it for? A Du-rag is like a scarf that you tie around your head. It is used to hold your hair in place and also to lay it down. The 360 waves hair style gives the hair a laid down look, and if your hair does not naturally lay down on its own then the du-rag will help you train your hair to lay down naturally faster. So in sum the du-rag is not necessary to get waves, but it makes it a lot easier and faster to get them if you use one. Where can i get a du-rag? You can get one from any beauty supply store (AKA the place where girls go to buy their Weaves and hair jells) They will also have brushes there too. I recommend you buy them online if here if you can't find good brushes in the stores where you live.

Step Three: Brush your hair every day! Brush your hair a lot. Brush your hair so much that people will identify you as the guy who always brushes his hair. In high school people could identify me as the guy who brushes his hair all the time. My school was predominately Hispanic, so they'd ask me, "Why you always combing your hair?" I would have to correct them & tell them this is a brush and it is just what i do, because that me! If you ever get in the situation where someone is trying to belittle you for brushing your hair so much, I advise you to just tell them to, "Worry about yourself" Tell them, "Don't Trip on what i'm doing or why i'm doing it." Self esteem 101, You have your goal to get waves and you shouldn't care what anyone thinks.

Step Four: This step here is to remind you to visit my 360Waveprocess youtube channel to check out the how to get 360 waves videos that i make to help beginners learn the ropes. On that YouTube channel you can find out how to wash your waves, how to get them to connect, how to make your waves deeper, and many other awesome things like what to put in your hair to make your 360 waves look better.

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