Monday, November 12, 2012

Are 360 Waves a Chick Magnet? Can they Help you get a Girl or Woman?

   The reason you are here is because you want to know if waves will attract women to you. To answer this question simply without any explanation the answer is Yes. 360 waves will attract girls and women to you. Women are naturally attracted to shiny things like. They can't help it because it's human nature. When you have 360 waves chances are that you are one of the only few people in your circle that has them. Therefore the women around you don't see anyone other guys with nice hair like you, and so they become fascinated by you. This is the bonus that comes with having 360 waves. Before you get too exited I need to make sure you understand that the waves will Not get the girls or women for you. They will simply only help get the girls attention. After the waves have gotten her attention it is your time to sit the 360 waves to the side and let your personality and game shine. Don't talk about waves to the girl. Here's a quick opener that you can use to break the ice and most likely get the girl to laugh. You open her with a quick, "wassup" (with the head nod, Don't wait for her to say anything back to you) Then you say, "Come here" (maintain eye contact and confidence). The girl will come if you do it right. Once that is all set then you chat her up. If you're one of those guys that don't have much to say to the ladies when you first meet them, then all you need to do is make the conversation quick and shot. I don't mean just say,"Hi whats your name, can i have your number?" When i say make it quick I mean be direct and tell her why you want to talk to her. For example, after you tell her to, "Come here," you would say, "look what's your name?... ok (Vanessa) I like how you rocking my favorite color in your earrings. It catches my eye... she'll just smile and maybe say thank you, and that where you look at the time on your phone or watch and be like, "Woah it 12:45 already, I gotta bounce give me your number before I leave though. I've been helping guys learn how to get 360 waves. in their hair for about a year now. You can my videos out on YouTube by searching 360waveprocess.

Does the girl give you her Phone Number?

Look 9 times out of 10 if you did this right the girl will give to her phone number right then and there, but there are those few girls that will test you. If and when a girl tries to test you, don't be a little beta male and leave if she says why do you want it or i barely know you. When you say, "i gotta bounce give me your number before i leave though" If she test you and says any thing except, "okay my number is..." You have to be ready and you have to stand your ground like an alpha male. You have to say with a serious face, "Don't question me why i want the number" and then answer her question, "I want it because i wanna prank call you one of these day, what else reason would I want it for" (Say that in a Sarcastic manner and make sure you are smiling when you say you want to prank call her). Then after all of the B.S. you will finally get her phone number and be happy.

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